Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Low Side Effect Prostate Cancer Treatment

Looking for a potential breakthrough in prostate cancer treatments. Expanding on nature-based already available SPDT treatment protocols, recent clinical trials have shown incredible results healing prostate cancer ‘without side effects’ by using what is basically chlorophyll and light. Again, it’s the nature-based treatments combined with solid science that are revealing a path to healing.
Developed by a team of scientists at the Weizmann Institute in Israel, a procedure called Tookad® Vascular-Targeted Photodynamic Therapy, or Tookad® VTP, has proven itself through clinical trials to cure up to 80% of early stage prostate cancer patients. Doing so without any of the debilitating, life-threatening side effects so often resulting from surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The outpatient procedure takes less than 90 minutes. During this time a nature-based photosensitized drug called Tookad® Soluble made from aquatic bacteriochlorophyll is injected. Then very thin optic fibers are inserted into the cancerous tissue. The fibers are used to transmit near-infrared light directly to the cancer site. Light plus Tookad® Soluble in cancer cells immediately creates oxygen radicals and nitric oxide radicals, causing the closure of cancer cell blood supply lines. Without nutrients, the cancer cells die. Then the dead cancer cells along with any extra Tookad® Soluble are naturally flushed out of the body without damage to healthy tissue or side effects.
Tookad® VTP research is expanding to include many different forms of cancer. Clinical trials are ongoing at New York’s Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. For now, thanks to a clinical trial with 80 patients from Mexico, Peru, and Panama the procedure is fully approved and available in Mexico. A European Trial has recently concluded with 47 medical centers enrolling over 400 patients.  Results confirmed, “Tookad® VTP was effective at reducing rates of progression, conferring a negative biopsy status, and diminishing the need for radical therapy.” In the U.S. a small, recently completed 2016 Trial confirmed a 73.3% cure rate with optimal dosing. For prostate cancer patients, and most likely many other forms of cancer, Tookad® VTP with its current success rate and lack of side effects is a medical miracle. 

With its success rate; easy, safe, and short treatment process; and lack of side effects, one has to wonder why this isn’t already the treatment of choice for early prostate cancer.
Let’s take it one step further. By combining Tookad® VTP with more effective early detection procedures such as ONCOblot and nature-based pre-treatments such as Artesunate, also employing an oxidative process to kill cancer, along with immune modulators such as Thymogen to boost immune system activity, I believe we could relegate deaths from prostate cancer to a mere footnote in history. Look for more information about this procedure to follow soon.

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