Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Book Available, Timely Proposal To Cure Cancer: Nature Based Treatments Deserving Research and Recognition

Presenting a solution to cancer, my recently published book Timely Proposal To Cure Cancer holds the potential to save millions of lives and billions of dollars, while fostering renewed health and happiness.

For forty years we’ve searched to cure cancer with limited success while ignoring the possibility of effective nature-based therapies often for financial gain or personal power. This year 500,000 in the U.S., a total of 8.2 million precious human beings around the world, will die of cancer. But cancer need not define us! Nor is it the inevitable ordained outcome of being human. Timely Proposal To Cure Cancer presents research and results for low side effect, affordable, nature-based cancer treatments from around the world reporting cancer stabilization, remission, faster and more complete healing, even what some have called cures. It concisely explains the prevalent bias in today’s medical approval system hindering nature-based formal acceptance; empowers each of us to take charge of our lives leaving our preconceptions behind; and offers an innovative approach considering all options to heal cancer.
Incredibly approachable and goal-oriented, Timely Proposal To Cure Cancer is guaranteed to inspire hope for cancer patients, families, friends, loved ones, and all those touched by cancer. If you are looking for unique information on alternative, nature-based cancer treatment, or ways that may improve and ensure your conventional treatment for nearly any form of cancer, read my newest book: Timely Proposal To Cure Cancer available on at:

Then be sure to post your hopefully 5-star review of this book on This will greatly assist in getting the word out concerning potentially effective healing alternatives for cancer while at the same time opening the door for further research, clinical trials, and general acceptance by medical practitioners. Remember, success comes from those that show up. Your participation by reading this book and recommending it to others will build the path on our journey to finding an effective treatment for cancer, saving lives, and healing our planet.

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