Monday, April 13, 2015

New Book: Release Prostate Cancer Now!

A comprehensive Prostate Cancer Book is finally here... 
What if you had a source comparing prostate treatment options, looking at all manner of conventional and alternative options from around the world, would that be of benefit? Now what if it went further to suggest ways to heal faster, or even prevent cancer from developing and recurring?


Release Prostate Cancer Now! A Comprehensive Look: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment Options - Facts You Need To Know is both Reference and Springboard to begin a healing discussion, assisting you to make informed decisions about your health.

Written from a patient's perspective, this book takes a unique comprehensive look at how to:

  • Assure your health while dodging the bullet of prostate cancer.

  • Safely and effectively find out if you have prostate cancer, or if you should even be concerned.

  • Make informed decisions regarding the vast array of conventional, and alternative treatments.

  • Learn about new research, possible options, and promising treatments.

  • Become an active partner in your healing.

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer I knew little of cancer. I felt terrified from the horror stories I'd heard, and found myself looking at the stark reality of my own mortality. It's not a good feeling, when you're forced to peer into the abyss.

As I started researching, hope began to arise. The more I learned, the more I understood I have options and I can rise above this condition. Then came the thought, could I share my knowledge to ease others' fears? Could I jump-start their healing process so they could hit the ground running, without wasting time, feeling more confident about next decisions? And what if, there were ways to even prevent the pain and expense of prostate cancer? What a gift it would be to help others to avoid the challenges I'm facing. With these thoughts, Release Prostate Cancer Now! was born.

Release Prostate Cancer Now! is not only for men. When a man dies of prostate cancer, often his widow and children are left behind to face devastating loss and exorbitant medical costs. It's time we put an end to all this pain.

Focused on prostate cancer, yet applicable to most forms of cancer for men and women, this book will put you light years ahead of those trying to make minimally informed life-altering decisions. The book begins with one simple question, "What if there exists a way to avoid cancer in your lifetime?" and then proceeds with positive solutions for healing.

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What readers are saying:
"Congratulations Steve, what a great work you have produced!
Even though I've read many books on prostate cancer, I highly recommend your book because it doesn't just list choices with a Wikipedia like description, the reader is right there, as you tell what to expect and explore healing options."
Odette & Kirk Wyss, Mandurah, Western Australia

"Coach Steve has compiled a wealth of information through study, research and personal experience. He writes with passion and authority about a variety of options one can explore for the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer."
WD Bauer, Seattle, WA, USA