Monday, January 2, 2012

8) Treatment Begins – Dairy, Meat, and Prostate Cancer

Not more than once the question crossed my mind, why did I have Prostate Cancer? I was reasonably healthy, not to overweight, active, ate all the ‘correct’ foods like ‘milk and cheese’ for protein, building a healthy body and strong bones according to the ads.  Deep down, I knew that if I didn’t find out the ‘why’ regarding my Prostate Cancer, then treatment was doomed. After months of research, what I leaned was both SHOCKING and sad.

I learned if you really want Prostate Cancer then just continue eating lots of dairy (and animal products)! In fact the Casein and other chemicals found in cows milk may be some most dangerous chemical carcinogens of all foods. Worldwide there will be over 400,000 new cases of Prostate Cancer diagnosed annually. It’s one of the Most Common Malignancies among men and the focus of extensive study. Continually these studies have found a direct link between the consumption of milk/dairy products and the increase of Prostate Cancer. Up until the point of my recent test revealing a severe allergy to dairy (See: Blog #4) Decision for the Prostate Biopsy and Food Allergy Relief). I had been consuming large amounts of milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, cottage cheese, and anything else dairy. Guess I was a ‘dairyholic’. I believed it was good for me because that’s all I heard on the ads, and from our general medical profession. The real truth about dairy changed my world. I hope it will change yours.

In one Harvard Study of male health professionals, men who drank two or more glasses of milk a day were almost twice as likely to develop advanced prostate cancer as those who didn't drink milk at all. In another report rising rates of dairy consumption in Japan were linked with rising death rates from prostate cancer. Per Ganmaa Davaasambuu a physician (Mongolia), a Ph.D. in environmental health (Japan), a fellow (Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study), and a working scientist (Harvard School of Public Health), "The milk we drink today is NOT nature's perfect food." She goes on to state the potential risk from cow’s milk is large, and heightens the risk of cancer. So what if you already have Prostate Cancer. Studies have indicated that simply changing your diet will make a real difference for your recovery. It has been shown that a low fat, high fiber (vegetarian) diet will significantly reduce the growth of prostate cancer, and there has been several links between the calcium in dairy and Prostate Cancer. Animal protein from meat has also shown a direct link to Prostate Cancer. In other words if you want to live longer, eat more vegetables and fruit. Eat less dairy and meat if you want to live long and be healthy without cancer.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell in “The China Study” details one of many links between cancer and consumption of animal protein, dairy and meat. He found that Casein, which is 85% of the protein in dairy, promoted cancer in all stages of its development. His conclusion: the only safe protein is plant-derived protein. In a further study Dr. Campbell found consuming more than 10% of protein in ones diet from Casein turned on cancer cells, while reducing the Casein to 5% turned them off.

Prostate Cancer is not the only reason to be concerned about dairy in your diet. In a World Health Organization 25-year study mortality from coronary heart disease was lowest in countries emphasizing diets of vegetables, fish, plant based oils, and legumes while countries with the highest heart disease emphasized diets of meat, milk, sugar, potatoes and eggs. The World Cancer Research Fund recommends a "predominantly plant-based diet" and lists fruits and vegetables as convincing, probable, and possible risk reducers for cancer. Also hip fractures worldwide were highest in countries consuming the largest amounts of dairy. So much for dairy building strong bones. In fact dairy works to turn the body acidic, actually causing calcium to be leached out of bones. The real question becomes how much longer are we willing to risk the quality of our lives?

Based on this research, and much more, I began my process to Release Prostate Cancer with a rather large change in diet. Knowing it not enough to just drop certain foods, I decided a complete change was in order. I chose to become Vegan (not in a fanatical way) and looked for ways to enhance my daily intake of nourishment. I began juicing with fresh vegetables and fruits and making my own vegetarian soup, along with increasing my intake of rawfresh fruits and vegetables. Another significant change was only buying Organic and Non-GMO. Why should I continue to ad something to my body laced with chemicals that would stress my immune system when nutritious quality organic food is still available? I also began taking several vital Supplements to support my Release of the Prostate Cancer. If you are wondering what a sample of my daily food intake looks like, just check for it on the above tab... Basic Cancer Diet.

The results so far have been marvelous. I’ve easily lost the excess 20 pounds I was carrying, and feel more energized and mentally alert. I have also released many of the aches and pains my body was experiencing. The better news is that my last PSA test was down to a 3.2. Definitely headed in the right direction.

Next installment: More on Dairy and Prostate Cancer

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