Monday, January 30, 2012

10) Prayer and Prostate Cancer

Before going into Cancer Fighting Supplements I’m taking for Prostate Cancer, this is a good time to talk about something I have been doing from the beginning of this journey. It’s called PRAYER. Does it work? Absolutely, without a doubt, the answer is, YES!

I think of myself more spiritual than a ‘religious’ person. ‘Religions’ and I often have difficulty getting along. I question the rules that seemingly make little sense. I’ve never been able to understand why so many Religions feel their ‘way’ is the ‘only way to salvation’. To me, there are so many paths, all leading to the same place. Baptized as a Catholic, by the time I was in college I was attending other churches trying to figure out where I fit. I traveled through the standard Christian churches for years, then looked at Buddhism and even the way of the Tao. Finally I ended up developing my own understanding of my relationship with God, which thankful to say is still a delightful work in process.

Today I believe that God is everywhere and in everything, from the vastness of the cosmos, to the blade of grass in our garden, to the tiniest of particles that make up the cells in our individual bodies. Since I believe that God is everywhere then simply put: God Is. Since God is everywhere, all-powerful, all present, and within everything, then I am also part of God, therefore: I Am. And since I Am so is everyone and everything on this planet. We are all connected to the divine source, God. How can there be any separation within the divine? Even the air that is between our individual bodies is filled with the same God essence that makes up the cells of our bodies, therefore, We Are. My personal belief is that there is only One Life past, present, future, seen and unseen; and that we and everything are all connected. I believe that One Life is the life of God manifest, and because that Life is God’s Life, it is Perfect, Whole, Complete, Abundant, Healthy, Joyful, filled with God’s Love and Life. Most importantly I believe that I am here to experience all Life has to offer, and as part of God I have the ability to choose to accept what form that will take.

Throughout this process I have come to understand that ‘Prayer’ in all its’ many forms can and does work Miracles. When we Pray, we connect with the God Self that is the soul of our being and the collective consciousness of God that makes up everything. It matters little the form of Prayer or if you are Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or any other member of a multitude of different Religions. What matters is that you do Pray, and the strength of your belief in your prayer. Prayer of course comes in so many forms. Within all those forms the most effective Prayer will have the common traits of: (1) Clearly ‘Stating’ what you Want and expect; (2) Knowing that what you want is already available and will manifest; (3) Seeing, Feeling, and Experiencing as best you can what you Want as already done; (4) Then releasing the Prayer knowing it is done while graciously Giving Abundant Thanks for the outcome. The final step is to Allow the Prayer to Happen, while still gently taking all the steps that present themselves after the Prayer to accomplish your purpose. This is called listening to Divine Guidance. How long should you Pray. The simple answer is: as long as it takes.

The Results of Prayer can be greatly enhanced with the help of others Praying with, or for you. Join a Prayer Circle, Songa, or Prayer Support Group. I cannot over emphasize the importance of this step. Having multiple people Pray for your health will enhance your ability to Release Your Prostate Cancer a thousand times over. You also will be Praying for their needs and requests as well. Remember there is no shortage to God’s good energy and love. My wife and I are members of two Prayer groups and I receive tremendous strength from the combined support.

Meditation is another wonderful way for individual Pray. You may put on some easy music. Then just relax your breathing and quiet your thoughts after a short Prayer. Allow yourself to Listen to what comes to you. Are there steps for you to take? Are there fears showing up for you to address? Just 20-30 minutes of meditation daily will provide a great recharge for your mind and body. I often to start my meditation with the following Prayer:

God Is

I Am

We Are

There is One Life

That Life is God’s Life

That Life is Perfect, Whole, Complete, Abundant, Healthy, Joyous

That Life is My Life Now

I know that every cell in my body is filled with God’s Life, God’s Love , God’s Good Energy

I know that my Prostate is filled God’s healing Love and Energy

I release any Cancer Cells from my Prostate, from my body.

I Know that every cell in my body is working in harmony with every other cell,

 for a strong, vibrant, healthy body.

I release this to the universe knowing that it is done, right here, right now.

Thank you, Thank you God

One final note if you want to heal faster, whatever you do be sure to surround yourself with positive people who support you, seeing you as getting better and healthy. This is the same for any support groups you may attend or join. What we believe both consciously and subconsciously becomes our reality. More and more today people are finding this to be true. If you want a scientific reason, just take a look at the work done with quantum physics, string theory and quarks. The bottom line is this, if you surround yourself with those who are into negativity, drama, or feeling sorry for themselves, your life will reflect the same. If you gather those to you who are solution oriented, positive, and upbeat even in the face of adversity, your life will be better and you will heal faster. 

Next installment: Cancer Fighting Supplements

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