Tuesday, November 22, 2016

FREE BOOK on Nature-Based Cancer Treatments


In support of 'Movember'
I am giving away my newest book
Timely Proposal To Cure Cancer
* from November 23rd through the 26th *

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This book is written for the 600,000 fellow Americans, and 8.2 million people around the world, that die of cancer each and every year. This is a disaster. And allowing this to continue by consciously ignoring successful cancer treatments and tests from other countries, along with our own promising cancer research, because these don’t fit into our monetized system of government and pharmaceutical approval is a disaster beyond belief.

In the U.S. our medical system has evolved to exclude approval for any cancer treatment, regardless of its results, that fails to provide a significant financial return. This is a direct result of our complex, restrictive, and costly medical approval process as explained in, Timely Proposal To Cure Cancer. Unfortunately, we have also chosen to ignore excellent research and approved successful cancer treatments from around the world because of our own arrogance, causing us to miss the boat on affordable, low-side-effect, nature-based treatments that may cure cancer, or be as effective as the $100,000 per year high-side-effect drugs now pushed daily by pharmaceuticals.

All the while from around our world…

• There exists an inexpensive malaria treatment, approved by the World Health Organization, from the Artemesia plant that has shown success in treating cancer.
• Russia has developed incredibly safe supplements such as Thymogen to enhance immune systems, greatly improve healing, and fight cancer. These are so safe they have been given to astronauts and children with excellent success.
• Latvia has a natural viral treatment for cancer that works so well it is made freely available by the government to all its citizens.
• China and Japan use PSP and PSK from mushrooms as fully approved and supported prescription medical treatment for cancer because they work.
• Israel has recently developed a treatment using a chlorophyll product combined with light that safely treats cancer. Approved now in Mexico, it has just completed successful clinical trials in Europe and will soon be approved there.
• Europe has received excellent results with hyperthermia treatment for cancer extending lives beyond where conventional treatments have failed.
• England has a natural product that makes cancer cells more visible to the immune system so the body’s immune system can naturally find and attack the cancer.
• Plants and products such as parsley, ginger, orange peel pith, flax hull lignans, eggplant derivatives, beta glucan from baker’s yeast, DIM from cruciferous vegetables, and berberine from such plants as Oregon grape can assist in killing cancer cells, slowing the progress of cancer and greatly improving healing.
• New cancer tests are available in the U.S. that could save lives and Billions of dollars in unnecessary medical procedures and government costs, yet are unavailable to the majority of citizens because they’re not covered by Medicare or insurance.
• And so many more options exist that we have yet to evaluate and implement. Too many to list in this limited space.

All of these options have far fewer side effects that our outrageously priced pharmaceutical treatments. It is for the purpose of healing cancer that this book has been written:
         • To bring affordable, low side effect, nature-based cancer treatments into the light.
         • To show the value of further research and clinical trials along these lines.
         • To offer a process and mechanism for the advancement of healing in this arena.
         • To provide an alternative to treatments that in many cases foster more harm than good.
      • To seek out other like-minded individuals who see the value of exploring every possible treatment to cure cancer.

Be sure to download your Free Copy of Timely Proposal To Cure Cancer
from November 23rd through November 26th
We are all in this together, and together the miracles will be found.


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