Thursday, November 12, 2015

Potential New Natural Cancer Treatments - A Seven Part Series

Setting the Stage

The global cost of cancer surpasses $895 Billion annually. More than 500,000 Americans will die this year from cancer. By 2020 U.S. cancer costs the U.S. are expected to reach $157.7 Billion.

Cancer research is proceeding at a furious rate, yet considering over 40 years of  U.S. research at a cost of $90 Billion with less than jubilant results, one wonders if the research is focused in the most effective manner. This year, 2015, the U.S. will spend around $10 Billion in cancer research. Now, what if I told you we could possibly put cancer into remission, or at the very least cut it by 50%, for a cost of around $50 Million? It is possible, but without change in our medical approval system, the research may never be done. Let’s set the stage for today’s reality. 

Now before you say $50 Million is too much money, consider $50 Million is only one half of one percent of the total money to be spent for U.S. cancer research this year. We say we want a cure for cancer, but really? When one is truly committed to a goal, they pull out all stops, leave no stone unturned, and are not dissuaded from following promising paths. 

Or do we really want to cure cancer only if economically profitable, and politically correct? It would appear this is the case, because we ignore research, and results, of potential cancer promising treatments for economic and political reasons.

In the U.S., our political medical system of protocol and drug approval for the treatment of cancer has evolved to exclude any cancer treatment that will not provide a significant financial return for its end manufacturer. This of course, is not stated in print, but is the direct result of a complex system originally designed to protect the public from snake oil peddlers. Unfortunately, the g approval system today has its failings. If for instance I found a plant in my yard, or an easily ingested supplement that cured my cancer, most likely, the FDA would never approve it as a treatment. If not patentable with a healthy return on investment, no one would put up the millions of dollars and 2-5 years of time necessary to obtain FDA approval. There is simply no financial return worth the time and expense.

Then there’s the ongoing conflict between allopathic and naturopathic approaches. Most medical allopathic doctors specialize to the extent there is little time to explore new healing options. Given marginal cancer treatment results, these doctors are often overworked, experiencing a constant flow of returning and new patients. They have little time, or desire, to explore new treatment options, and they are very protective of their proven income streams often relying on less effective but known and understood out-or-date procedures. As an example, currently there exist two new U.S. approved diagnostic procedures for cancer, the ONCOblot Test and the PHI Test. Used together; these two new tests could save our Country $2 Billion in unnecessary prostate biopsy procedures. Unfortunately most urology and cancer specialists either do not acknowledge theses tests exist, or they refuse to use them. But these same doctors are always recommending another biopsy. In the U.S., we perform around 1,000,000 prostate biopsies each year. Approximately 750,000 of these biopsies have negative results effectively making them useless, while placing patients at risk. I have known some prostate cancer patients to suffer through over eight biopsies with negative results. I have also known patients who are convinced their biopsy spread their cancer.

These same allopathic doctors have little training in the naturopathic healing processes, including nutrition and the use of natural substances to affect cancer remission. Many in the allopathic community simply believe their way is the only way, and each doctor believes their specialty to be the best. It is no wonder many in the allopathic medical community look down at treatment suggestions from the naturopathic community. And which medical community do you think controls the FDA, and financial purse strings? In our time this rivalry has become so out of balance that California made it a felony to treat cancer with anything except surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy regardless of results. Once again, if a natural cure for cancer were found tomorrow, it could be illegal to use, a felony in California. Fortunately there are states more open to alternative treatment options.

So here we stand with little hope of finding a natural cure do to lack of funded research and pushback from the allopathic community. Instead, as cancer patients we are offered extraordinarily expensive laboratory drugs, with often times life threatening side effects, radiation that may cause new future cancers, or life threatening and at times ineffective surgery. All this while the public is left to its own devices to find alternative cures. This would appear to be an insurmountable situation, but fortunately for us, technology is somewhat bridging the gap and filling the void.

The Internet, bless its largely uncensored heart, may have come to our rescue. Research, though limited, is being done around the world on alternative cures for cancer. Limited in its extent due to lack of funding, this research is beginning to filter out to cancer patients. Patients who, on their own, or sometimes with support of a courageous naturopath or allopathic doctor, are extending their lives with supplements and natural protocols beyond what surgery, radiation or chemotherapy offer, and without the debilitating side effects of traditional medicine.

From these largely self-directed cancer therapies have come interesting results including cancer stabilization, remissions, even what some individuals call cures. Pouring over the latest research and self-directed results I believe there are at least five exceptionally promising treatments that have shown their worth. One, a combination of these, or a variation of these, most likely will be found as a natural, inexpensive treatment for cancer. At the very least, I believe these treatments will dramatically reduce a patient’s cancer load thus extending life and making other treatment options more effective.

These five treatments include the following:

                           1) Artesunate, Artemisinin & Artemether
                           2) THC & CBD from marijuana
                           3) PSP from Turkey Tail Mushrooms
                           4) EGCG
                           5) Thymogen

These five protocols have received remarkable results if one reviews the limited research and patient stories. In each case, I have read the research and spoken with cancer patients who have had their cancer stabilized, put into remission, or possibly healed with their use. This is why I am creating this discussion, and I do hope it turns into a positive proactive discussion. I believe each of these substances should be fully researched with the goal of approval by the FDA for cancer treatment under a doctor’s care and guidance.

These treatments, and many other good natural or non-patentable treatment options, are already being used on a regular basis for cancer treatment both in the U.S. and throughout the world because they appear to get results. Unfortunately, using these treatments is a bit like the old west. There’s precious little medical oversight, dosage and interaction information, or side effect considerations. There is also minimal information shared regarding results of these treatments. You see, the FDA for cancer does not currently approve these treatments. 

And side effects, though most often dose dependent, can exist. By the way everything you eat and drink can have unwanted or serious side effects. Pending on what you put into your mouth, you will thrive, survive, or cease to exist. For these reasons it’s wise to know the safest limits of any treatment, and have proper medical supervision running necessary concurrent tests keeping you safe.

With this in mind, it is my firm belief, should you decide to explore any of these treatments for cancer, you must have medical backup. As I further discuss each of these treatments, take specific note on the side effect considerations. Then understand every body is unique. What works without side effects for one person may be hazardous, or possibly ineffective for another individual. Find a doctor, a naturopath or allopath skilled in these protocols before use. Keep yourself safe while improving your health and releasing the cancer.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting the most current information on my Blog regarding each of these five treatment options. The final post in this series will propose a solution, and steps to take, to see that these treatments are properly researched, evaluated, and available to the public with medical oversight. I have no connection or ties to any of these treatments. Like all cancer patients, I merely want to find something with better than available results, without the debilitating side effects.

Your feedback concerning on each posts will be greatly appreciated!

So let’s begin. The next post in this series is on: Artesunate, Artemisinin, and Artemether.

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