Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kindle, 'Release Prostate Cancer Now!' only 99¢ for limited time!

I am writing today because I really need your help to help others with prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer affects all of us, causing the deaths of loved ones and burdening us with an annual U.S. economic impact of over $12 Billion Dollars.

Knowing first hand the hardship of fighting cancer, my heart goes out to the over 220,000 new cases that will be diagnosed this year just in the U.S., and especially to the families, wives and children, of over 27,000 men in the U.S. who will die from this deadly disease. More than 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. This translates into more than 1,100,000 new prostate cancer cases worldwide each year at a treatment cost of over $50 Billion Dollars.

As I now progress through my own treatments, I have found I cannot stand idly by and allow this suffering to continue without doing something about it.

To help others, I have written the book, Release Prostate Cancer Now!, recently available on at:

For men experiencing prostate cancer, this book will put them light years ahead of those trying to make minimally informed life-altering decisions by looking at both conventional and alternative treatments.

For those not yet burdened by cancer, this book shares 8 practical ways to avoid cancer in your lifetime, along with safe ways to detect prostate cancer early enough for more effective treatment, and the newest cancer research and treatments from the U.S. and around the world. I truly believe Release Prostate Cancer Now! will save lives and help reduce the suffering caused by cancer in our world.

Will you help me, help others?

Now here is what I’m asking you to do…
New books put on are lost in the multitudes of books available. The more positive reviews a book receives, the more visible it becomes to readers seeking help. To help others to find Release Prostate Cancer Now!, I am asking you to purchase this book, read it, and provide your honest (hopefully positive 5 star) review.

To make this process easy, from June 15th through June 21, 2015 PST, (Happening Today!) I have reduced the price of Release Prostate Cancer Now! in the Kindle eBook format to only 99¢.
(Yes, less than $1)
After these dates the book will return to its regular pricing.
(If you are from a country where the 99¢ special will not apply, you may still take advantage of the Kindle drawing by downloading you book at your country's price and providing your review.)

Now I realize buying, reading, and reviewing this book is asking a lot. Not so much for the 99¢, but for the time the process will take. We are all so busy in our daily lives. To counter this concern, the only things I can offer are that your review may be the one that prompts another to read Release Prostate Cancer Now! and helps to save their life. Then too, there is the knowledge you will personally gain from reading this book that may prevent the possibility of future cancer in your life, extend your healthy lifespan, or even save your life. (For the women reading this book, did you know there are a strong links between the causes of breast and prostate cancer, along with their treatment? And what a loving gift, sharing this book with a man you truly care about.) Then too, the more times this book is read and people become aware of their options, the greater the possibility new research, and forms of better treatment, will be available to the millions of men now suffering with prostate cancer.
Now aren’t these benefits worth a few hours of your time?

To sweeten the incentive to read Release Prostate Cancer Now!, because I so believe in the importance of this book’s message, for anyone who provides their published review on or before July 15th, I will include you in a drawing to win a new Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7.

On July 15th I will take all the reviews from the Book Page, place them in a drawing and randomly select a winner. I don’t know how many reviews that will be, but I do know the odds of you wining a new Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 are far better than the lottery. Then if you win the drawing, I will have the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 shipped to your door, wherever you live, just for your reading this book and providing a helpful review.

If you are willing to help me help others in need, by reading and reviewing Release Prostate Cancer Now! and assisting this important book to become better known, please use this link today to order your book today….

Then post your review before July 15th so I can enter you into the drawing for the Kindle Fire HD 7.

If you also feel as passionate about helping others as I do, please forward this email to everyone your know especially over the next few days as this special 99 cent price ends soon.

Prostate cancer today is a plague upon our world costing billions of dollars to treat, and leaving over 27,000 families in the U.S. each year without their husbands and fathers. It negatively affects both men and women alike.
Would you agree it’s time we took a step today to end this suffering?

This is my request. Please Read and Post your Review.
Please help me help others.

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