Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nutrition and Cancer – Part 1 of a Multi-Part Series

What an amazing piece of work, our bodies.
They are composed of over 37 Trillion cells. (37,000,000,000,000) Approximately every 5 seconds a million cells in your body will die and be replaced with new cells. In fact, it is said that your body will almost completely replace (renew) itself on average every 7-10 years. So what does that have to do with Prostate Cancer and Nutrition?

For a moment think of your body as a very large community of cells, a country if you will. Each cell has a specific lifespan and task, doing its job to keep you healthy and alive. There are all sorts of jobs within the system. Some cells, or grouping of cells, are tasked with cleaning up trash, some work as soldiers fighting off invaders, some like firefighters put out fires and inflammation, some like EMT responders or doctors repair damage, while others work behind scenes to keep everything running smoothly, and the list goes on.

Each of these cells is preprogrammed to do its job, die, and then be replaced as a new healthy cell starting the process all over. But sometimes, something goes wrong with the programming. Whether its overloaded with toxins, chemicals, stress, or just too much unhealthy food, a cell goes a bit crazy and decides not to follow its given blueprint. It not only doesn’t die but also continues to divide into more toxic cells, and cancer is born. This happens on a regular basis throughout your body. Fortunately the body’s soldiers, firefighters, EMT responders, and trash collectors are called into action to clear away these abnormal cells before they become malignant tumors. Now consider like any country you have a limited supply of these soldiers, firefighters, EMT responders, and trash collectors. Not only do you have a limited supply, but they may become overworked and ineffective. What happens when they are all busy doing their jobs at their maximum elsewhere and some abnormal cells start to grow unhindered? As the abnormal cells grow and divide further they build barricades and then walls to protect their position. They divert resources and build highways to fortify their position. They band together for added strength and soon become an impregnable fortress of cells with the only purpose of self-growth and self-preservation. By now your body’s soldiers, firefighters, EMT responders, and trash collectors have taken notice of their growth; but these abnormal cells have grown too strong, have multiplied too many times, and have too many defenses established. You start to notice a pain, or lump somewhere. You go to your doctor and find out, surprise, you have cancer. You next wonder, why me. What did I do to deserve this?

The answer to these questions is relatively simple and comes in the form of another question.  How do you expect to win the war against cancer if most of your troops are fighting battles on other fronts? This speaks not only to the reason for the cancer, but also to the current battle. When your body’s defense systems are overloaded there is little hope of staying healthy, let alone recovering from cancer. So our focus to avoid, or fight, prostate cancer now becomes how do we relieve ourselves from the other unnecessary battles facing our body daily so we can focus all our troops, and energy, on curing ourselves of prostate cancer.

There are many steps in this process. Let’s begin with a major one...  
Removing Silent Inflammation.

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