Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hyperthermia for Cancer Treatment

            Hyperthermia treatment for many forms of cancer has been around for a very long time. Most consider the treatment safe with no known major complications. Of course we are all different and any medical treatment can have some issues. Always check for these with your medical provider prior to treatment, and review their hold-harmless clauses. Hyperthermia is used in varying procedures around the world. In the USA all medical procedures are tightly regulated, and only certain forms of hyperthermia treatment are approved regardless of results. The most common use of hyperthermia in the USA is as a supplemental treatment to increase the effectiveness of radiation or chemotherapy. There are generally three categories of hyperthermia treatment that include localized, regional and whole body. The goal of each of these treatments is to raise the cancerous tissue to a temperature above 107º F for an extended period of time. According to studies temperatures between 104º F and approximately 111º F are cytotoxic for cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells unchanged. Pending on type of treatment and treating facility, higher temperatures may be applied. While hyperthermia treatment in the US is used sparingly with limited results, doctors in Europe using more refined procedures are having much greater success.

            Initially I was intrigued with this treatment by a hyperthermia article over the internet. I then began an extensive research into the process and interviewed previous prostate cancer patients in the USA and around the world. Based on this information, I decided in April of 2013 to travel to Germany for Hyperthermia treatment for my prostate cancer. The official terminology for this treatment is Transurethral Hyperthermia. It has been nearly a year since the treatment, and while I have not seen the dramatic improvement other patients experienced, I believe my prostate cancer is marginally better. It definitely has not gotten any worse. My article in this Blog is a complete recount of the treatment at Klinik St Georg in Bad Aidling, Germany, along with results, comments and suggestions. It’s a bit long, but it covers a year of treatment and follow-up. Should you be looking for alternative treatments for your prostate cancer, I would urge you to read the complete article on my Transurethral Hyprethermia, located by clicking the ‘Noteworthy Special Cancer Treatments’ tab at the top of this page.

            After reading my post, I would appreciate the comments of anyone else who has experienced Transurethral Hyperthermia along with the short and long term results they received from the process. In the USA alone this year there will be over 248,000 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed. It’s time we started talking about prostate cancer more, and giving it the attention it deserves. Our lives, and the quality of life for our loved ones, depends on it.


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