Tuesday, November 22, 2011

4) Decision for the Prostate Biopsy and Food Allergy Relief

Back in Seattle, and I felt pretty good. It appeared there no need for a Prostate Biopsy. Most of the urinary symptoms had subsided since taking the Cipro. I still had a nagging concern with the doctor’s statement that I may have non-aggressive Prostate Cancer, but at least I knew nothing was going to happen tomorrow. Then there was that ‘spot’ on my Prostate. I resolved to gather more information.

About this time my wife and I decided to attend the Ballard Seafest Event: food, fun, music, crafts, and all manner of new things to explore. Have you ever read “The Celestine Prophecy? I bring that up because one of the ‘Insights’ talks about how everyone we meet has some important message to impart to us. Not just serendipity, there is a reason for the meeting, and a message to be shared that will bring about some form of mutual benefit. Life can be really fun and interesting when one is open to this philosophy. Who knew at the time the Ballard Seafest would open a door to alternative healing. During the Ballard Seafest, as if guided, we found ourselves in front of a Bastyr University booth. Wonders of wonders, those in the booth were passing out coupons for a Free Naturopathic Clinic Visit. They explained further that because of our age, we already qualified for their $15 normal visit charge at the teaching side of their clinic. Yahoo! We were thrilled not only because this opened another option for exploring the potential Prostate Cancer, but because each of us had chronic concerns that needed to be addressed.

My first visit to Bastyr’s Natural Health Clinic shortly thereafter was a rewarding experience. The students, nearly ND’s in their own right and guided by Dr. Jones, were helpful and professional. There approached my issues as a team and were supervised by a Licensed Naturopathic Physician. Let me step aside from the Prostate Cancer for a moment to share an immediate success story from my first visit.

For over ten years, I had been plagued by a debilitating feeling of a burning sensation in my skin. This was much like the sensation one experiences coming inside from the snowy cold and warming up too fast. The skin as it warms starts to tingle, then builds into a crescendo of fiery pricking pain. This appeared various places throughout my body seemingly at random. It was affecting my concentration, my sleep, and at times all I could do was lay down hoping it would pass. Over the years I had seen all manner of ‘medical’ doctors without success. They prescribed everything from B12 shots to serious addictive drugs that would only mask the pain not resolve the problem. I had blood tests, leaky gut test, even a CAT scan to find a solution. Nothing worked. My most recent physician for this condition was a Neurologist at Group Health who told me I was healthy, there was nothing he or I could do, learn to live with it, and then charged me an outrageous fee for his less than helpful opinion.

During my appointment at Bastyr, after really listening to my medical history, they suggested I have a Food Antibody Standard Food Panel IgG/IgE Assessment from US BioTek Laboratories. We did the blood draw at Bastyr and shortly thereafter I received results. Much to my surprise I was Highly Allergic to all forms of Dairy including Eggs. I also had serious allergies to Beef, Sugar Cane, Bananas, Cranberries, Pineapple, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Asparagus, and Onions. At the time, cheese was a major part of my diet. With this information I immediately removed Dairy, and any other allergic foods I was still eating. Shortly thereafter the symptoms that had plagued me for over a decade disappeared! You can’t believe how this felt. It’s like winning the lottery and well worth every minute spent at Bastyr and the reasonable cost of the testing from US BioTek Laboratories. Later I found out that Dairy, along with certain other foods, could well be a prime trigger for Prostate Cancer. (More on this to follow)

Of course the main reason I came to Bastyr was to see what form of Naturopathic Treatment for Prostate Cancer was available. You should have seen the looks on their faces when I first mentioned possible Prostate Cancer. From their expressions you would think I had used a four-letter word. Before I said anything else they immediately informed me that they could not treat any Cancer condition unless I was first under the active care of a licensed medical physician. Seems it’s the Law. Now I know at some obscure level this may be for our society’s general good, but it’s my body, and let’s face it except for broken bones and urgent surgeries in the past, the standard medical care in this Country leaves much to be desired. Shows you how truly screwed up we are when it comes to real health, government over-regulation, lack of personal responsibility, and frivolous lawsuits. What we are missing is a holistic approach to medicine, opening up all possible alternatives for healing. Medical doctors all too often have tunnel vision and can’t begin to think outside the box. But I digress. We decided on a plan to improve my overall immune functioning and they strongly recommended I see a medical physician for the potential Prostate Cancer. My immediate fear was that a medical physician would probably want me to do just one thing… a Prostate Biopsy.

Next installment: Decision for the Prostate Biopsy Step Two


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